Adjustable Screed Rail System


Welcome to Acra Screed - Home of the Award winning Adjustable Screed Rail System for Professional Concrete Placement.


If your looking for an Adjustable Screed Rail System that can be set up to within Half a millimetre and is suitable for level floors or floors with multiple cross falls you have come to the right place.

Acra Screed will not be pushed over when pumping and Covers Concrete depths from 50mm to 1.6 meters.

Used by professional flooring companies throughout the globe, Acra Screed is the most accurate screed rail system in the world, achieving results once thought impossible.

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Acra Screed Adjustable Screed Rails

Acra Screeds - Screed Rail Systems are simple to use and fast to set up and most importantly they give you the finished result you and your customer are looking for.

We have a number of Adjustable Screed Rails available to meet specific site requirements

Concrete Formwork Systems

The Acra Screed Range Includes

Acra Screed Ground System

Acra Screed Ground System

Acra Screed Ground System a Screed Rail System suitable for new ground floor slabs. ( read more )

Acradeck - Screed Rail Metal Decking

Acradeck - Metal Decking

Acradeck a Screed Rail for Metal decking available in various profiles. ( read more )

Acra Plug  - Drill in Screed Rail

Acra Plug - Drill in Screed Rail

Acra Plug a Drill in Screed Rail Support for Structural toppings. ( read more )

to Acra Screed - Our Innovative New Concrete Accessories Range.

Acrabar - Lifting Made Easy

Acrabar - Lifting Made Easy

The Acrabar is 600mm long and its integrated leverage makes it a must have bar ( read more )

Acra Screed Bolt Cracker

Acra Screed Bolt Cracker

Boltcracker - Takes away the headache of trapped bolts for the concrete crew ( read more )

Mag Vibe

MagVibe Pro

A professional Vibrating easy Float complimented with the ProFloat range. ( read more )

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