Acradeck is a Screed Rail System For Metal Decking
Screed rail system for Metal decking


Screed Rail System For Composite Steel Decks

Introducing the NEW and Updated Acradeck System

The Adjustable Screed Rail System for Composite Concrete Slabs

Acradeck cannot stop deflection - but Acradeck can provide a constant thickness, which is the recommended way to pour Composite floors as detailed in the Concrete Society’s Technical TR75 report. Having the ability to precisely apply deflection calculations using the Acradeck system our customers report excellent results and levels from sites throughout the country.

The rail supports are available in various lengths and in the majority of cases give 50 millimetres of adjustment - 25mm either side of datum.

There are 2 types of rail support; the Single rail support and the Double rail support which is used to overlap where two rails meet - A standard rail is 6 meters long.

Three different sized rails can be used: 50x8mm, 40x8mm and a 30x12mm (for shallow top cover) all of which come in 6 meter lengths but can easily be cut to suit if required.

The rails are taken out of the concrete after it has been levelled, while the concrete is still wet. The rails can be quickly cleaned with water and reused in future concrete pours.

Acra Screed now manufacture 95% of all products in house meaning that our prices are even more competitive and allows us to offer super fast turn around which we appreciate is so critical when serving the fast paced and busy construction sector.

Acradeck Spec Sheet
Acradeck Spec Sheet
Setting up Acra Screed
Setting up Acra Screed
Screed Chair System For Metal Decking

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